Greg Lock

Greg Lock, born on 15th April 1969, The Fens, England. In 1991 he was awarded a B.A. (hons) in Fine Art (Sculpture) from Bretton Hall College of the University of Leeds, England. In 1995, he obtained a M.F.A. in Sculpture from Parsons School of Design, New York City and in 1998 he received his M.A. in Creative Technology, from University of Salford, England.

Greg Lock explores possibilities in virtual space that could not be considered in real space, culminating in sculptural works that feel dislocated from our understood reality. Utilizing traditional and digital sculptural methods, Lock creates three-dimensional (3D) forms that possess a palpable physical presence yet are simultaneously improbable.

Lock’s process begins by investigating a simple form, such as a tree or a person, in its original mode. The form is then pixelated and re-presented as a digital object. These virtual versions of sculptural forms, which reside in a virtual reality, simulate physicality and have perceived spatial presence even though at this point they do not actually exist. Lock translates these digital versions into unique sculptural forms.

From a distance, his outdoor sculptures appear as familiar aspects of the environment but when approached pixilated surfaces become apparent. The precise moment that the sculpture is perceived as an imposter in real space is crucial to the work’s success; it addresses our willingness to believe what we ‘see’ and brings into question how much we really comprehend our everyday world.

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“One cannot deny the presence of the world around us, yet it is readily ignored. I re-present known objects and investigate the material structure of that which I do not yet know in order to extend my understanding of physicality. In the virtual environment created by computer software, the confines of the known Newtonian landscape can be broken and a deeper understanding of the physical world may be explored.”

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