Mary Hale Visser

Mary Hale Visser teaches sculpture and computer imaging at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. She has completed several largescale public and private commissions which are installed in the cities of Washington, D.C.; Sacramento, California; Austin, Texas; Lenexus, Kansas and Columbus, Ohio. Her work is in collections both public and private such as the Texas Relay System for the Deaf, NEA District Offices in Kansas City, Missouri, and Sprint Inc. Her work has been included in several multimedia and video presentations in the United States and in Europe, and her work has been featured in Texas Monthly, Artspace, Ceramics Monthly, Sculpture International and in the book, A Comprehensive Guide to Outdoor Sculpture in Texas.

Visser’s work has appeared in more than 110 juried exhibitions and she has received awards such as the “Design Excellence Award” from the City of Austin Design Commission, a Mellon Technology Fellowship, and a Mundy Fellowship. Most recently, Visser served as one of the jurors for INTERSCULPT’s International digital competition and exhibited work in the touring e-Form exhibition in China. She graduated from Ohio State University with an MFA in Studio Art.

Since 2005, Ms. Scherl has gained national recognition for creating “Mamorial”, a non-profit breast cancer initiative that offers healing and awareness through art. “Mamorial” has been exhibited widely, most notably in Miami during Art Basel and recently at New York University Medical Center during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

玛丽·霍尔·维瑟任职于德克萨斯州乔治敦的西南大学 (Southwestern University), 教授雕塑与计算机成像。她创作的 多件大型公共雕塑与私人艺术作品分别展示于美国多个城市和社区, 如华盛顿特区, 加利福尼亚州的萨克拉门托市, 德 克萨斯州的奥斯汀市, 以及俄亥俄州的雷尼萨克斯、堪萨斯社区和哥伦布市。她的作品广为公共组织和私人企业收藏, 如德克萨斯州为听觉障碍人士服务的电话接线公司, (美国)全国艺术基金会密苏里州堪萨斯市区域办公室, 以及美国 Sprint公司, 也曾多次被美国和欧洲的多媒体节目和视频报道, 相关文字报道见《德州月刊》、《艺术漫步》、《陶瓷月刊》、《国际雕刻》,以及《德克萨斯州户外雕塑指南》一书。

玛丽·霍尔·维瑟毕业于俄亥俄州立大学, 取得工作室艺术专业 (Studio Art) 的艺术硕士学位。维瑟女士的作品曾逾 110次受邀参展, 并曾获得奥斯汀城市设计委员会颁发的“优秀设计奖”殊荣, 梅隆科技基金奖以及蒙迪基金奖。近 期, 在中国举办的“互联网雕塑”(INTERSCULT) 国际数字雕塑竞赛中, 维瑟女士出任评委会委员, 并在中国举办个 人作品网上巡展。

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“How extraordinary it is to be human, struggling to communicate, to live a meaningful life, albeit so briefly. I search for the soul from whence all life comes. Myths, legends, stories and poems of individual human endeavors draw me in to search for that elusive spirit, the intangible made real. What is it that we see in an individual human action that changes the soul, thus, changes all people through the actions of this one being? What compelled that action that puts the individual at risk to change the whole community for the better?

“Heraea’s Women” demonstrates the sense of strategy, support, physical endurance; strength, stamina, grace and agility women athletes have shown in their pursuit of competitive sports. “Circle of Life” is a series ending where it begins, and repeating itself never ceasing, life continuing forever through the bodies of women. “Giving Birth to Oneself” is a personal statement on creating one’s own life just having come from the body of another human being.

As one can see body language is essential to my work and solid modeling allows me to incorporate the delicate gestures, subtle contours and complex structure of the body into a detailed rhythm of forms and gestures. For me as an artist, I have moved perceptually from viewing and using the human form as a sculptural form to one of using the human being as a metaphor for spiritual interaction that changes the community, thus, the spirit as it were being bodily present in the world. I am drawn to record these events, these examples of this human spirit. It is this elusive spirit that drives all human beings to create. It is this life force that I pursue in using the human body to recreate the individual effort.”


人生是多么璀璨!为了让短暂的生命更有意义, 人们不断地与外界进行积极地交流。我寻找人类的灵魂,那是所有生命 的源泉。那些关于个人英雄事迹的神话、传说、轶事和史诗, 指引我不断去探寻那独特的精神之华, 那是无法形容的真 实。我们看到有些人曾通过个人的行为改变着人类的灵魂, 进而影响和改变了整个人类, 他/她的行为里凝结着什么样 的力量?到底是什么支持着一个人, 让他/她为着一个更好的人类社会而奋斗?

“赫拉的女人们”表现的是精妙的构思、支撑与忍耐力之美, 以及女运动员们在追求竞技体育目标时所展现出来的力 量、耐力、灵活与优雅。“生之轮回”是由9个女人组成的环状立体雕塑, 起点即终点, 终点即起点, 循环往复, 永无 休止, 正如生命也是通过女人的身体来不断繁衍的。“分娩自我”是一个自我宣言, 探讨从另外一个人的身体里创造出 自我新生的主题。由以上作品可见, 肢体语言在我的作品中至关重要, 实体建模让我能够把优雅的手势, 纤美的身形, 以及复杂的身体结构共同谱成形式与形态的精妙乐章。

作为一个艺术家, 我已经跨越了将人体作为一种雕塑形式来看待和利用的阶段。精神一直是以肉体作为载体的, 我的艺 术作品是将人体当做人类精神的喻体, 表达着精神改变着整个人类社会的这一思想主题。我被我的艺术目标所牵引, 用 我的作品记录着精神领域发生的事件。正是这独一无二的精神驱动着全人类去创造, 它是人类生活的源动力。

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